portfolio services


Finding the

optimum way

by balancing investment in the future

with strategies to sustain the present

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Building the optimum portfolio




We support organisations managing large and complex portfolios of projects. Many of our customers find that they have less money and less resource to deliver more to their customers - and we provide help balancing supply and demand.

exsto provides its customers with actionable advice, practical leadership and specific technical know-how - we complete the team and give our customers the confidence to complete the journey.

Helping you find the point of balance

that makes sense for you

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exsto is helping a central Government department to both find the best balance of investment and sustaining expenditure, and to prove that the investment strategy is being executed in the most effective manner. Optimising a portfolio which combines agile software development, IT service management, deployment and business change is the challenge - exsto has responded by and combining innovation and trusted methods. 

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